Where We Came From

You know how we’ve always been told that sex sells? Well, we decided to put that theory to a test. Sex seems to be embedded into every gay relationship’s DNA. Being apart of the LGBTQ community, we know it pretty well.

So, we started there.

Simply, we want to use sex to give back to the community – to help fight for our rights, help those with disease and work towards a cure, help the children whose parents disowned them when they came out, help gay couples become parents, provide safe sex, and so much more.

Choosing Rainbow Lube

We know there are plenty of great options when it comes to personal lubricant; otherwise known as “our competitors.” Why are we different you ask? Well, we think everyone should have an equal opportunity to live a happy, healthy, and safe life. By choosing to support Rainbow Lube, you are keeping funds within the community and aiding in making it a better place for us all.

How you can help

Aside from the obvious, BUY OUR PRODUCT, there are many other ways you can help Rainbow Lube’s endeavor to support the LGBTQ community. You can start by subscribing to our news, follow our social media sites: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and lastly, share our story with your friends and family. We are a brand new start-up and would rather use our profits to give back to the community than spend it on expensive advertising. We rely on word of mouth, recommendations, and testimonials.

Have suggestions on the next charity we should consider donating to?

Please send us an email and tell us how we can help!



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